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This was our first post on the first page of a brand-new website launched in 2020 to celebrate the output of Voreda Books. A fresh website made to replace our obsolete earlier version.

Beneath it, if you scroll down, a developing collection of articles & photos – or ‘blogs‘ – about Roman Britain await discovery. Just keep scrolling down to reach the particular one you wish to read: currently there’s ‘IN SEARCH OF ISCA’ from December 2020 (which is all about Roman Exeter) and ‘THE LOST THEATRE OF PETVARIA’ from September 2020 (about the hunt in East Yorkshire for a known Roman theatre at Brough-on-Humber, a hunt due to be resumed in July 2021). Genuine commentaries on those blogs have also been added – as you could do too, if the spirit moves you!

So we are hoping this new Voreda ‘site’ can become somewhere readers may learn more not just about archaeological developments but also about our small-but-perfectly-formed imprint, specialising in quality publications and mainly Roman Britain. Not exclusively fiction, but especially the historical novels of Clive Ashman, where we’ve laid some exciting plans for future titles to follow.

Second to no-one in our enthusiasm for this long-gone era, but mature enough to concede – when familiar patterns of daily life in Roman Britain are examined more closely – that there’s an underlying darkness to this period.

A mysterious world of ancient weirdness and casual cruelty, where life was short and men or women put to fight or death for public entertainment. Yet the rule of law still held some sort of sway.

Join us for a journey into the past. Those curiosities we’ll share, as oddities from our own time unroll in parallel, providing some contrast. Making occasional offerings of personal observation along the way, as we look far across the centuries together and through a glass darkly. Remark on whatever serendipities and treasures we sometimes notice or stumble across.

So join us in this personal odyssey through the remnants of Britannia, as and where we find them…..

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Website for a publisher of a series of historical novels and other books concerning those - roughly - four hundred years when Britain was a province of the mighty Roman Empire.

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