Clive’s latest book….

“Yes, he’s finally finished another!”

Although it’s a return to Roman Britain, the events in Clive’s latest book belong to a very different period from MOSAIC, or his TWO-EIGHT-SIX. Also lacking their ‘modern’ bits – so there’s no contemporary tale for comparison here, no faint re-echoes – but none the worse for that. Unrelated plot-wise to his others too; so all we can say is that it’s straightaway stunning. Starting in Scotland, the action moves quickly south to York (Roman Eboracvm, as was) but that’s only the beginning of their journey.

While if ‘Lockdown‘ might have put a bit of a ball-and-chain around the whole book-production process, be assured – this new one’s still coming……

Clive says how much he enjoyed researching and writing the latest (his third….) and successfully negotiating the other processes too. So “Thank You!” to our wonderful set of Beta readers (“You know who you are – you lovely people!“). With his text now finalised, the art work was completed by a suitable set of maps. Clive’s unusual among authors in that he always draws his own, while we really like them – but what and where do they show? Well sorry, but for the moment, I’m afraid we can’t disclose much more about that.….. just that all the project needs now is a proper cover design, fit to capture its drama.

And we’ll keep you informed of progress on here. Allowing for peculiar times, where nine hundred new books were allegedly launched at the start of September, a flood in readiness for Christmas. Why you may have to wait a little longer, to get your hands on this one………

Though the wait will be worth it – we think it’s his best.